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(Last Updated On: August 16, 2016)

This is a fresh blog about discovering a new Life in Sobriety. It’s about the change and growth that happens when a chronic alcoholic sobers up… Discovering things like Writing, Running, Spirituality, Travel, Real Relationships, Food, Healthy Living, Sexuality, Saving/Investing Money…Acceptance, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Fears, Shame, Letting Go and a whole lot more… I’d like to share my experiences in all these areas, including how I got Sober and grew up..

I originally intended this blog to be about life transitions and in many ways it is, but as I spent the last few days trying to set it up, I realized that what I really wanted was to share my evolving perspective with the world. Some of my revelations are a bit different, especially in the recovery community, so I wanted to share them on the web and see if there would be others who could relate.

Thank you for visiting the blog.  I am quite excited about doing this and I plan on posting frequently, so please sign up to receive posts as they are published.

Thank you!

The Zed Writer.

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