In many ways, this blog is about shifting perspectives and more specifically about changes and discovering a Life in Sobriety.

When I came up with the idea, I was traveling through Morocco and was in the midst of a desperate desire to move forward from lots of things and now, 8 months later, I am launching it to share my experiences, lessons and views on Sobriety, Recovery, Running, Writing, Spirituality, Letting Go, Numerology, Working, Not Working, Travel and some of the people who have influenced my transformation.

However, this feels like more than just sharing my trip… In many ways, if I stick with this, it would be a major breakthrough, as I have tried to write a blog for almost 10 years but always seemed to abandon it… and I believe it is primarily because of alcoholism and fear, which I want to write about…

Now that I am 3 years Sober and a lot more grounded and honest with myself, I believe I can get through this and hopefully connect with others going through similar things.

So, after reading about how to start a successful blog and a bunch of related articles and wanting to quit again, out of overwhelming fear, I am biting the bullet and diving right into it, today, August 13th 2016, and I am willing to see where it goes.  Hopefully, I won’t abandon it again and hopefully you will keep coming back and wanting more, to keep me inspired to continue writing… So a big thank you in advance…

So please enjoy the posts and I would love your feedback.

Thank you !

The Zed Writer.